09 AM | 20 Aug

Failure Mentality in Internet Marketers and How it Can Hold You Back!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make it in their respective fields whereas some do not? Is it the amount of work that they put in? Is it the quality of their work? Or is it something else? I’ve been pondering this idea for awhile now and I do believe that your drive and determination as well as your skills play a huge role in your success but there is also something else – it is your attitude.

Yes, your attitude plays a giant role in whether or not you will be successful. Consider this. You are a newbie internet marketer who reads all the right books and does her best to make money online. You try this method and that method, looking for the best way to increase your income. You try your best but in the back of your mind, you don’t really expect to win. You don’t expect internet success. Instead, you half-heartedly write articles and press releases but you don’t believe that you can reach your goals. And, in your mind, you figure that if you don’t win at internet marketing, you can always get a real job.

On the other hand, you have internet marketer two who doesn’t do nearly as much reading. She reads just enough to get a basic understanding of a few internet marketing techniques and immediately starts implementing her success plan. She is steadfast, focused and doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in her way. In her mind, she knows that she will win and is committed to succeeding. If something doesn’t work, she figures out why and improves upon that method until it does.

The result? Internet marketer one never really gets it. She makes a minimum amount of money (enough to pay her hosting fees) but never really breaks her goals. Eventually she soon gets a full time job as a marketing for a large organization and although she makes a good salary she doesn’t reach her full potential because she decides that her goals are not worth the effort. On the other hand internet marketer two, keeps working her plan. She doesn’t give up and she succeeds. She exceeds her high expectations and continues to exceed them both personally and financially. Why? Because internet marketer two believes that she can do it. She is destined for success and won’t accept failure as her destination.

That said, you absolutely have to believe in yourself and your dreams. Although education is important, it is not the most important thing. Instead you have to combine your unique skills, talents, drive, determination and the right mindset. In essence, you have to believe that you can accomplish greatness and you can’t stop trying until you do. Once you do, you will win. Guaranteed!

12 AM | 10 May

Grow Your Business in a Recession

The economy right now is obviously bad for a lot of businesses. However, for a lot of small business this time may prove to be beneficial to them. The economy runs in a cycle, and at the end of every business cycle, consumers start to purchase less and therefore production slows down. While business is slow all around, small business owners can use this time to focus on attracting more consumers away from competitors and increase their market share. Customer satisfaction should be one of your main priorities – it will keep your customers coming back and potentially bring customers away from the competition.

As your business exits a growth period, it is a great time to look for new opportunities and strategies that will help your business run more efficiently with less cash flow. While you are refocusing, there are several things that should you put a lot of thought into. The first of which should be your core customer. You should re-evaluate your “ideal customer” or who spends the most money at your business. You may already have an idea, but your consumer base my have slightly changed during this recession. Also, refocusing will prevent your from spending excessive marketing dollars on unresponsive market. You should also pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Your product line or services, for example, can be improved or streamlined to improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

The conservation of cash, or streamlining your expenses, is a practice that many growing business overlook. Although, it’s obviously very essential in a down cycle, it is also very important at any stage of business. As I have said before, the economy does go in a cycle, and because of that, business owners should be very patient and think rationally about their strategies. For example, don’t get desperate to make sells. Selling your products or services at a huge loss, may get you more business but you are wasting resources for nothing in return. You may get an increase in market share, but when your prices return you will most likely lose a lot of your base. The effect of gimmicks in your marketing will not last much longer than the novelty of the idea.

Everything can’t be controlled and you will drive yourself crazy if you don’t realize that. Even the fluctuating rates of gold in the market won’t give some peace of mind, if for example your business is related to that. But some smaller scale companies survive by implementing some gimmicks like the 24- hour price lock-in period of a nashville coin shop I’ve come across. Well, talk about being rational in strategies. Truly, you can’t control the overall climate of the economy, but you can control things like marketing, staff, inventory, credit. These are the things that will help you streamline your business. With these new strategies implemented, you will be able to survive a dry period and prosper even more in another inevitable growth period.

12 AM | 21 Mar

Creating a Better Website for the Search Engines

The internet makes advertising seem easier because given the right inspiration, anyone can do it. If anything, it is a liberating, promotional method because there are even tutorials available online. However, as easy as it appears to be, it does not mean that it does not require careful and precise planning. Whatever idea or business you want to endorse, just like any business venture, you have to take a step with much preparation with the help of an seo expert. Here are a few tips to remember before creating your website:
Perhaps, the first thing to consider are the two words: think global. Considering matters in this scale will allow you to see the bigger picture and will help you create those clear-cut objectives. For instance, knowing that you have this great audience before you, you will always have to place the best foot forward. There is no room for good, only the best. Though there is the convenience of editing and undo, you should know that whatever your visitors read in your website will automatically give them an impression of your or your business quality. First impressions last. Thinking global means that your web content should be, if possible, flawless.

When people see typos or grammatical errors, they will get annoyed and click that x button on the upper right of their browser. Keep in mind that these people want things to be convenient for them because yes, they are very much spoiled. If you keep on beating around the bush, or if you just use those long, old words that will most likely bore than impress, they will rather go to another site with the same service with less hassle. So yes, thinking global means that you are considerate of all your readers regardless of age, gender and race.

Anyone can visit your site and anyone can give you criticism or praise. Another reason to think global or something to make you really do 200% better is that there is competition out there. On the internet, less than 10% of visitors never go past the first page of results (source: Web Chimpy). Sure, you may not be competing with your friends or the locals, but you are not always the only one with the big idea. So keep your search engine optimization or seo techniques in check if ever you are about to create your own site. This will keep your big idea running high with all the other big ideas up on the search engine ranks. If you are aiming for publicity, you should double the effort and take the right steps, after all, or else, your efforts will be put to waste. It is highly emphasized that you should bear in mind that even if you have the greatest web design in the entire universe, but if you have no seo, your site is as good as a dead word document in your recycled bin. No people equates to no business whatsoever.

For as long as you grasp the concept of the ‘think global’ phrase, and you take great consideration with the use of SEOs, surely, the success of your website is well on its way.

09 PM | 02 Feb

Smart Drugs for Business Owners and Students?


Being a good entrepreneur means that you spend much of your time focusing and strategizing on your next move to beat your competitors. Many entrepreneurs are looking for the best nootropics for focus and concentration. This may overwhelm your mind, which if you are not assisted, you may feel overwhelmed or even break down. More and more entrepreneurs are nowadays aware of the importance of nootropics in their daily lives and how it can influence their performance.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics which are also known as “smart drugs” help to improve your cognitive functions like intelligence, memory, and focus. They can assist you to enhance the potential of your brain. They do not possess similar pharmacology like sedatives and motor stimulating drugs. They have reduced toxin levels and side effects. But do nootropics work for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are trying to outdo others in a competitive market. Breakthroughs and innovations do not come as a result of hustle and hard work because computers and machines have taken over tasks that seemed monotonous. Entrepreneurs need to be creative to develop technologies and excel. But do nootropics work for entrepreneurs?

Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Need to Use Nootropics

Entrepreneurs are always pressurized to get their jobs are done on time which can be very overwhelming at times. They have so many decisions that they need to make daily, and their brains lack the energy to maintain your sanity. Nootropics can provide a good solution because of the benefits they can have on your brain. Some of these benefits include improving your cognitive performance, enhanced alertness, and a good memory.

With the aid of nootropics, entrepreneurs can stick to their daily routine and achieve more than they had targeted.

Defining the Enemy

The initial step is for entrepreneurs to determine what is setting them back. Whether they lack focus or their efficiency is below-set limits.

Nootropics are not like magic pills which will give you superhero abilities, but they assist in unlocking the natural potential of your brain, allowing you to give optimal results throughout the week. When you take the right nootropic formulae, you can perform the whole night and yet attend a crucial business meeting composed and fresh like you had slept all night long.

Are Nootropics suitable for you?

Some entrepreneurs get into problems because of not doing proper research before they take nootropics. As stated earlier, you have to discover your problem before you start taking nootropics and then consume it from that perspective. Entrepreneurship is hard.

Nootropics helps to boost entrepreneur’s verbal frequency 

Being vocal in a marketing environment is everything. It can differentiate whether you are going
to get that contract or not. It will tell whether you are going to close the deal or not. It conveys confidence and makes your customers comfortable. Taking a good nootropic formulation can help you to have a good voice that will
attract your clients.

Nootropics boost your mental energy. Entrepreneurs need to have a good brain power which will help them make good business strategies that will help them beat their competitors. Some nootropics may take long before you start to notice their effects, but you need to press on until you get the desired results. It is true that nootropics work for entrepreneurs.

03 AM | 26 Jan

Tips on Writing Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are step by step written instructions that are primarily designed to help people within an organization to completely, effectively and consistently carry out their tasks. If you are thinking of developing this type of document for your business, then you have to make sure that you create it in a clear, concise and easily understandable manner so that those who are tasked to follow it will never have a difficult time understanding the details. Here are just a few of the many tips on writing standard operating procedures:

1. Deal with all the department heads of your business organization.

You have to talk to them as this will allow you to acquire information about the specific events and activities within the different departments that merit a policy. It is also advisable for you to think about the specific challenges that are usually faced by your business organization. You can then consult with the department heads so you will get an idea about the best practices that you can use in handling certain challenges and situations. If you deal with disagreements when performing the meeting, then it is advisable for you to take note of all these so you will know exactly how to deal with them in the future. It is also important for you to focus your attention on outlining the essential policies that will allow you to smoothly run your business and achieve your desired level of profit.

2. Organize your outline in the most logical manner possible.

A wise tip is to use a numbering system because this is a major help in instantly referencing specific policies from the different sections of the document. Assigning whole numbers to main policies and decimals for the subsections is also a wise move in creating an easily understandable SOP. It is also advisable for you to avoid using confusing terms when writing the details of the document. If possible, use clear and concise terms. You should also consider incorporating a glossary containing definitions of words that are difficult to understand.

3. Assess the SOP’s clarity.

Before creating the final document, you have to make sure that all the policies and procedures stated in the standard operating procedure are sufficiently clear. You can assess its clarity by determining if a newly hired employee can follow the instructions stated in the document. If newly hired employers continue to commit errors, then there is a great tendency that your SOP is confusing and you need to simplify it to improve its effectiveness.

4. Seek the help of your department heads

Seek the help of your department heads when it comes to reviewing the document before final printing. This is a huge help in ensuring that the contents of the SOP are free of any errors and confusing policies. Take note of all the comments stated by your department heads and use these to create the final version of the document. Once done, you can either print it or make it available through online viewing.

Safety procedures are usually the backbone of the success of any safety management system. The success of the system mainly relies on how well the procedures are understood and followed by the workforce. The procedures have to be written in a simple and clear way, and at the same time, they should be flexible enough to be used in various situations. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this post will assist you in writing a perfect Standard Operating Procedure

04 PM | 25 Jan

What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

SOP, or a standard operating procedure, is a series of rules/guidelines, which will allow individuals to carry out specific tasks. Operating procedures can be used in general operations in a business setting. So, if you have a job-title which needs to complete specific tasks on a day to day basis, the SOP would be a resource which informs applicants/employees how to carry out those tasks. SOPs can also be used in legislative/governmental agencies. The procedures/instructions would be used to help government officials or employees carry out specific tasks, in order to ensure compliance with the law or governing laws within the agency.

Where is an SOP used?

Standard operating procedures can be used in any industry. From government agencies to banking/financial organizations, to a small business that needs to complete various tasks on a daily basis, the procedure will serve as a guide for those who are carrying out the tasks as they are described in the SOP.

What should the SOP include?

When implementing the standard operating procedures for a business/organization, it will vary from industry to industry what terms will be included. However, in most operating procedures, some imperative facts to include would be:
1. How duties should be carried out.
2. Who should perform those duties (and in what order.)
3. When tasks should be performed (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).
4. How to report if there are issues in completing or carrying out a task.
5. How to deal with setbacks or how to implement revisions to a specific task in the event something goes wrong.
6. Industry-specific guidelines, based upon laws, governing agencies, or other regulations a company has to follow, based on that specific industry.

Many companies, especially in a smaller/dedicated niche, might choose to include additional factors in the SOP which will allow employees to properly perform all functions in their job description. Due to the complex nature of certain positions/agencies, an SOP in one organization will greatly differ from those in another or a different industry a company operates in.

Are SOPs necessary?

In some industries they are. For example, governmental agencies have to follow specific guidelines in order to ensure compliance with the law. A small business might not need to develop an SOP for 3-5 employees; but, having standard procedures in place, will allow an organization to run efficiently and smoothly. So, although not essential, the SOP is a great guideline for how procedures should be performed, and how different tasks should be carried out.

Every company and business owner will expect certain tasks to be carried out in different manners. For such reason, the implementation of an SOP is a great guideline for new (and old employees) to follow. Regardless of the niche industry, your company is in, or how many employees you have working for your company, implementing standard operating procedures is a great idea. Not only to keep standards the same throughout each department but also to ensure all employees, regardless of how long they have been with your organization, will understand how tasks/duties should be carried out.

08 PM | 15 Jan

Best Business Ideas to Consider Starting in 2018

Everybody wants to make money in one way or another. You will note that some people are seeking employment while others want to be self-employed. If you want to start your own business, you need to have a business idea. There are many business ideas that you can find on the internet today. There are also books that talk about the best business ideas that you can try. However, this article will give you some of the best ideas that you need to consider this year. Some of these ideas include:

Cleaning business

You will note that most people usually dread cleaning activities. Most of these activities are normally very cumbersome. Those who opt to clean
their homes or offices on their own rarely clean those places thoroughly. Most of them end up hiring professionals to do it on their behalf. This is the reason why you need to start a cleaning business today. You just need to be passionate about it and buy all the tools that are needed for this service. This can help you make money. The more you get hired, the more the money that you will earn.

Event planning.

There are several events that are planned at different times of the year. These can be; wedding ceremonies, thanksgiving ceremonies,
fundraising ceremonies and so on. These events need proper planning in order to achieve the set objective. Most people are not good at planning events. If you are an event planner, you can be assured that you will make more money after planning several events. However, it is important that you attend those events that you would wish to plan in future. This can give you more insights on what you need in order to succeed in this area.


You will note that most homes normally have a plumbing system. You will find that most of these systems usually get faulty from time to time. Professional plumbers can be rare to find. This is the other reason why you should start this business. Most homeowners are usually very desperate to get a plumber to work on their systems. Most homeowners can readily hire you in such cases. This can help you a great deal.

Mobile repair business

Technology is changing rapidly. You will note that most people are using tablets and smartphone for communication. You can actually take advantage of this and start a mobile repair business. You just need to get the spare parts of these devices and so on. In most case, these devices normally get faulty due to a number of reasons. You just need to be competent in this area. You can be assured that you will make more money with time.


You can make a lot of money as a blogger. You can opt to be writing blogs for companies from time to time. This is another way of making
money from home.

There are a number of ideas that you can consider if you want to start a business this year. However, you need to be passionate and determined to achieve your goal. You should consider implementing these ideas. They are truly incredible. Need a business consultant in alpharetta ga? Call prime.

06 AM | 19 Nov

What is The Best Type of Coffee for Energy?

If you’re like over half the population in America, your morning doesn’t really get going until you’ve had your first cup of coffee. That’s because caffeine is a mild stimulant that kick-starts your brain and gives you that extra touch of get-up-and-go. But does it really provide you with more energy?

Well, yes and no. There are almost no calories in coffee, so your body isn’t transforming your daily hit into carbohydrates that will fuel your cells and muscles. On the other hand, caffeine does have a measurable effect on what’s going on inside your head. Caffeine stimulates receptors in your brain and raises epinephrine levels in your body. That’s why a couple of cups of coffee can leave you feeling like you can conquer the world.

Getting the Biggest Energy Boost

When it comes to getting the biggest bang from your morning Joe, start with the beans. Many people think that a lighter roast has a higher caffeine content than darker varieties because caffeine is burnt off in the roasting process. Actually, that’s a myth. When you take into account weight and mass, they’re both pretty much the same.

Of far greater importance is the variety of coffee bean you choose. Almost 70% of coffee is made from arabica beans, which are only 1.5 % caffeine. The strongest coffee beans are robusta, which contain a whopping 2.5% caffeine.

Preparation is also important. Finely ground coffee beans yield the most caffeine, so drip coffee will have higher levels than a brew made in a French press. Finally, keeping the water temperature between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit will extract the most caffeine from your grind. Because heat is important to the process, cold-brewed coffees (iced coffee) will have lower caffeine levels.

Espresso Vs Drip

Everyone knows that an espresso packs a punch. That’s because it’s made by forcing hot water through tightly packed and very finely ground coffee. A 2 oz espresso contains an average 150mg of caffeine, compared with only 40mg for the same amount of drip coffee. That’s a pretty condensed rush that you’ll feel in a hurry.

But nobody drinks just 2 ounces of drip. A regular 12 oz coffee has 240mg, and if you get the 20 oz super-size, you’re in for 400mg of nerve-tingling energy. When it comes to getting the most energy from a cup of coffee, it’s all about volume.

If you’re making your coffee at home, a double espresso made with robusta beans is said to be the best type of coffee for energy. Alternatively, a single pod of Death Wish coffee will pack 728mg of caffeine into a twelve-ounce cup.

Coffee Brands

If you’d rather leave the brewing to someone else, here’s a list of commercial brands that will give you the most energy from a cup of coffee:

  • Starbucks Venti – 415mg
  • Dunkin’ Donuts large with a turbo shot – 395mg
  • Shock energy blend coffee – 231mg
  • Biggby Red Eye – 274mg
  • Peet’s Coffee – 267mg
  • Starbucks Americano – 225mg

A simple cup of coffee can boost your metabolism, give you added stamina and endurance, and improve mental focus. Plus, a great cup of coffee tastes just plain delicious. No matter how you take yours, make sure you pay attention to the beans, the grind and the water temperature to get the most energy out of every cup.

10 AM | 13 Sep

Trump Presidency 2018: The Year of Impeachment? Maybe Not.

There is no doubt that 2017 was one of the most tumultuous years in Washington’s history. And we have one person to thank for that, President Donald John Trump. He ran for the presidency on a platform of redefining the presidency and the state of the nation. His “Make America great again: campaign platform not only made him popular but won him a legion of diehard supporters. His brash leadership style has been out of decorum for a leader of his stature. His handling of foreign affairs matters has also been off the roof. Top it up with personal scandals and you get a potful of trouble. Which begs the question: Shall President Trump survive 2018?

A White House in Chaos

When Michael Wolff’s expose ‘Fire and Fury’ was released there was a lot that people expected to read a lot of it. One of the things it managed to point out was the shambolic state of the new administration’s inner house. First, it was the leaks by numerous centers of power. Then followed multiple ‘forced’ resignations and sackings which closed with Omarosa Manigault in late 2017. In total, Trump lost at least 14 senior members of his team within one year. Hopefully, this year won’t be worse. After all, these are the president’s guards against external attacks. Gladly, with General Kelly at the White House, things seem a little calmer. Members of his cabinets also seem likely to stay in place, especially after the easing of the relationship between Trump and his foreign secretary Rex Tillerson.

Sexual and Racial Allegations

Trump’s backyard seems supportive of lines that border on racism. That is why despite numerous verbatim quotes that appear pro-racist having come from the President, there has been very little quenching of the Trump fire. On a more personal level, Trump has time and again been called out for sexual misconduct accusations. These too he has survived and ducked. Recordings of �showbiz’ Trump confessing to his transgressions did very little to keep him off the presidency. The latest allegation, paying off a pornstar not to rat him out does not seem to have shaken the president or his handlers. If anything, it is already water under the bridge. So allegations of being a racist or a sexist do not seem to be a threat to the presidency. At least not for 2018.

The Russian Investigation Factor

If there is one true throne to the President, it is the investigation of Russian collusion within the Trump presidential election campaign. The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller has made headways including securing statements from General Flynn, Steve Bannon and most recently the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The investigation that led to one of Trump’s most iconic goof-ups, the firing of FBI director James Comey, is still gaining steam. Meanwhile, the president claims the investigations are nothing more than a witch hunt pushed by Democrats and supported by the media. How long the president continues holding this stance is not given. The threat though seems likely to hold. Is it ending his presidency in 2018? Most likely not. Most policy and legal experts indicate that there are other key personalities who are likely to face Mueller before President Trump or the presidency is ever brought to trial.

Final Word?

Trump is the true form of the phoenix. His Knack for reshaping himself after each hurdle and scandal is impeccable. How far this goes is anyone guess. 2018 will definitely have a few more Trumpite bombshells, but we should expect a fight back for survival by the President. However, his luck will not run out in 2018. Not in the disjointed United States and global environment that we have today. Congressional support? Trump enjoys a strong support from the Republican majority in both Houses of Congress. Here lies his best defense against any impeachment attempts in 2018.

04 AM | 12 Jul

Will Trump’s Tax Plan Save Me Money? How Much?

Trump signed a new tax plan just before Christmas, formally referred to as the“Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” This new plan is going to cut both the amount of taxes paid by big corporations and double the standard deduction of individual taxpayers. The cuts will take effect this year, and you can expect to see those new rates on your February paycheck. They’ll revert back to the 2017 rates in 2026.

What everyone really wants to know, however, is will the new tax plan save me money?

Income Tax Rates

The US tax system has seven different income categories, and the percentage of taxes you pay depends on how much you earn. If you make less than $9,525 a year, you won’t see any change at all. You’ll still be taxed at the rate of 10%. After that, the rate decreases for each tax bracket. Those making between $38,700 and $82,500 for instance, will drop from paying 25% to 22%. If you earn between $157,500 and $200,000, you’ll be taxed at the rate of 32% instead of 33%.

On the basis of the tax rate alone, you should save a little money if you earn more than $9,525 a year, or if you have a joint income of over $19,050.

Deductions and Exemptions

The new tax plan also doubles the standard deduction, which is claimed by about 94% of taxpayers. Before the changes, a single person could deduct $6,350 dollars and joint filers could take off $12,700. Those figures now stand at $12,000 and $24,000.

The problem for some, however, is that the new tax plan also eliminates personal exemptions. That’s the amount you could take off for dependants. Before the new plan, you could deduct $4,150 from your income for every person you claimed. If you have several children or other dependents that used to qualify for the deduction, the loss of this credit could wipe out any benefit you get from the increase in your personal deduction.

Some other itemized deductions have also been eliminated, including things like moving expenses (non-military) and alimony payments.

Who Benefits?

Most analysts agree that the new tax plan will help corporations and businesses more than individuals. Part of the reason for this is that the cuts are permanent for corporations but expire in eight years for individuals. It mostly benefits the wealthier, however, it should be noted that the wealthy already pay the vast majority of taxes in America.

Imagine that everyone paying taxes was put into five levels based on earnings. Those on the bottom level (earning the least) will see their income rise by 0.4%. The next level will get a 1.2 percent raise. The middle level gets 1.6, and the next-to-highest income earners would benefit from a 1.9% increase. Those earning the most will get the biggest increase of all – 2.9%.

So in the end, everyone gets a bit – but the more you earn, the more you’ll save in taxes.

Figuring out whether or not the new tax plan will save you money very much depends on how much you’re making, whether you have kids, and where you live. The more you earn, the more you will benefit from the new tax rates. If you don’t have children, you won’t feel the impact of losing the personal exemptions. Because there is a new provision for state and local tax deductions, however, you will lose some of your tax savings if you live in high-tax states like California.

The new plan is linked to jobs because President Trump hopes businesses will plow some of their savings into creating more employment opportunities. Whether or not that will happen has yet to be seen, but on an individual basis, the new plan is unlikely to save you much money. In the long-run, you probably won’t notice any difference to your tax bottom-line unless you’re among the top earners in the country.