09 AM | 20 Aug

Failure Mentality in Internet Marketers and How it Can Hold You Back!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make it in their respective fields whereas some do not? Is it the amount of work that they put in? Is it the quality of their work? Or is it something else? I’ve been pondering this idea for awhile now and I do believe that your drive and determination as well as your skills play a huge role in your success but there is also something else – it is your attitude.

Yes, your attitude plays a giant role in whether or not you will be successful. Consider this. You are a newbie internet marketer who reads all the right books and does her best to make money online. You try this method and that method, looking for the best way to increase your income. You try your best but in the back of your mind, you don’t really expect to win. You don’t expect internet success. Instead, you half-heartedly write articles and press releases but you don’t believe that you can reach your goals. And, in your mind, you figure that if you don’t win at internet marketing, you can always get a real job.

On the other hand, you have internet marketer two who doesn’t do nearly as much reading. She reads just enough to get a basic understanding of a few internet marketing techniques and immediately starts implementing her success plan. She is steadfast, focused and doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in her way. In her mind, she knows that she will win and is committed to succeeding. If something doesn’t work, she figures out why and improves upon that method until it does.

The result? Internet marketer one never really gets it. She makes a minimum amount of money (enough to pay her hosting fees) but never really breaks her goals. Eventually she soon gets a full time job as a marketing for a large organization and although she makes a good salary she doesn’t reach her full potential because she decides that her goals are not worth the effort. On the other hand internet marketer two, keeps working her plan. She doesn’t give up and she succeeds. She exceeds her high expectations and continues to exceed them both personally and financially. Why? Because internet marketer two believes that she can do it. She is destined for success and won’t accept failure as her destination.

That said, you absolutely have to believe in yourself and your dreams. Although education is important, it is not the most important thing. Instead you have to combine your unique skills, talents, drive, determination and the right mindset. In essence, you have to believe that you can accomplish greatness and you can’t stop trying until you do. Once you do, you will win. Guaranteed!