01 PM | 08 Mar

When to hire employment solicitors in Melbourne

The employment law for each state or city is different. On the other hand it is quite complex and ever changing. It is crucial to hire employment solicitors who have specialized in their field. The terminologies and even the basics of employment law are complicated and you usually need to hire a lawyer to help you understand things.

Employment attorneys usually try to resolve legal conflicts between the employees and their employers. They also deal with issues like harassment at work and unfair termination. It doesn’t matter whether you are the boss or an employee, hiring an employment lawyer is necessary if you find yourself facing discrimination at the work place or harassment from either side.

Normally an employment attorney represents employees who do not belong to a union and who have no one to put forward their issues.

When should employees hire an employment solicitor in Melbourne?

If any act committed by your employer is having negative implications on your work ethics and emotional wellbeing, you must hire an employment lawyer. Other instances where you can seek help include the following:

  • If you are facing sexual harassment or discrimination at work
  • If yare facing threat of being unlawfully terminated from work or have been fired on wrong grounds
  • If your employer has made you sign a contract against your will. If the contract waivers off your privileges as an employee, it should be taken into account as well.
  • If any laws have been violated while you have been at work
  • If you haven’t received the benefits which you were entitled to and which have been present in the contract but not adhered to by the higher authorities.

For any work related issues, it important to hire an employment lawyer. Failure to seek help on an immediate basis could land you in troubled waters.

When should employers hire an employment solicitor?

If you as an employer are facing any labor issues, an attorney can be of immense help. Your attorney would not only guide you in the right direction but also provide complete information on labor issues and how you can resolve the conflict without hassle. Advice from employment solicitors can help the management to face legal employment issues.

Hiring an employment solicitor becomes necessary when:

  • If you need someone to represent you during a collective bargaining negotiation.
  • If an employee has filed a harassment case or defamation case against you
  • If you are considering changing the recent pension plan for some of your employees and need a new contract to be drafted.
  • Besides all these an employment solicitor can help you set up new contracts when employing people.

Hiring employment solicitors can help you take timely action when it I required. For example if you are summoned in court for any of the above mentioned matters, an employment lawyer can be of immense help. They can help make things simpler for you and help you overcome legal issues. Make sure you find the right employment solicitors in Melbourne.