09 PM | 19 May

Signs That You Need To Change Your Tax Consultant

Filing taxes is one of the most commonly faced issues amongst people today. While in truth, it’s not that much of a monumental task itself, luckily there are accountants who charge a minimal fee to help you with the whole process.

Every year a lot of taxpayers take a hit financially because their tax accountant ballarat has mislead them while committing fraud in their name or they run away with the refunded money, according to the IRS. These things come up after a while, but in most cases, these issues come up quite late. Following, you can find a couple of tips that will help you decide if you should change your tax consultant or not. Let’s explore.

You’re spending a fortune

Sorting your accounts for tax filings shouldn’t cost you a fortune. If you feel like you’re paying more than you should, it is time for you to look around for other options. Look for a consultant that offers multiple services with not many tie-ins, allowing you to simply pick up the service package you need the most. Otherwise, you might end up spending money on services that you don’t need or utilize.

He responds slowly

While it’s a given that you need to be ready to wait during the tax season (because all of the consultants will be slammed with work), your accountant should be able to get back to you in a timely manner. They should be considerate enough to acknowledge your query and they should let you know that they are looking into your query.

If they keep putting you off, or if they don’t make you feel valued, you should start looking for a new tax consultant.

They confuse you with jargon

There’s no escaping the fact that the world of accounting and finance is filled to the brim with often confusing jargons. If your consultant uses this to their advantage by throwing a stream of jargons your way, hoping that you’ll be baffled and in order to get out of it you’ll simply pay their invoice without asking any questions, you should consider changing consultants.

Promises of high refunds

Be very cautious of your consultant if they offer your higher refunds than the competition, or if they offer you a certain amount before reviewing any of your current documents.

You need to make sure that your refunds are attained through legal means. If you don’t and you are audited, you are in big trouble. If your refund contains fraudulent deductions, you can face serious consequences. For instance, you could be banned from taking the income tax credit in the future years.

Filing taxes is a very sensitive matter and you should be very careful during the whole process.